Patient Resources:

This section of our website contains everything that one needs to know about arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeat.  It is divided into six major parts:

1) Different Types of Arrhythmias.  This section discusses in depth some of the most frequently encountered arrhythmias.  One can learn about symptoms, causes, consequences, and treatment options for many different arrhythmias.

2) How a Diagnosis is Made.  This section gives a brief overview of how Electrophysiologists make a diagnosis of an arrhythmia, including a comprehensive discussion on the various diagnostic procedures for Electrophysiology.

3) Treatment Options for Arrhythmias.  This section gives an overview of treatment approaches for arrhythmias.  It contains detailed discussion on various therapeutic procedures in Electrophysiology.

4)  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  Some of the most frequently asked questions about arrhythmia in general, and about specific procedures, are listed in this section.

5) Glossary.  This is a glossary of some of the most commonly used medical terminologies in Electrophysiology.